Amy Curtis March

Birth and Death

Early 1850s - Unknown

Also Known As

  • Mrs. Laurence
  • My lady (by Laurie)
  • Little Woman

Hair Color




"Fatal Flaw"


Family Members

Parents and Siblings

Spouse and Child



  • Uncle March (mentioned only)

In-law Family

Nieces and Nephews


Acted by

Kirsten Dunst (as a child), Samantha Mathis (as an adult)

Amy is the youngest March sister.

Early LifeEdit

Amy starts as a twelve year old who is a little spoiled. She is with her sisters and is pretty much the only one who does not whole heartedly agree to the sisters' choice to give their mother -Marmee- gifts to ensure their gratitude to her. She later overcomes that greediness and gives her a better gift. After a few chapters, she come into as much mischief as Jo, like getting dreadfully punished by her teacher for bringing picked limes to school, burning all of Jo's beautiful writings because of jealousy, and because of that, accidentally falls into a crack in the ice. When Beth gets Scarlett fever, Amy is forced to stay with Aunt March and is bribed by Laurie that she would be able to watch theatre whenever she likes. She is chosen by Aunt March to accompany her to Europe, much to Jo's dismay. 

Later life Edit

Amy is now a very dignified lady and is the only one who actually wants to marry a rich man to have a life of stability, with Meg in love with John Brooke, who is in poverty, and with Jo who marries Mr. Bhaer, a middle-class man, but turns him down and marries Laurie. It is said she called him 'My Lord'. She is very happy and gives birth to Bess Laurence and is absent during the later books, due to doing some painting in france. 


Amy starts as a little lady who sometimes acts a little vain and spoiled due to being the youngest. Out of all the sisters, she is most probably the opposite of Jo. Though her morals improved throughout the books, she is still thought to be spoiled. If you look closer, you will see that Amy is actually the most practical when it comes to romance in that time, for she understood marrying a rich man is very practical and will grant a life of stability, in contrast to Meg. She later decides that she will not be happy doing that and marries Laurie instead.  

Appearance   Edit

Amy has blue eyes, blonde hair and is very pale and slender. She is the only sister to have blonde hair.

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