Daniel Kean

Birth and Death

Late 1860s - Early 1890s

Also Known As

  • Dan
  • black sheep

Hair Color



Dark Brown



Family Members



Daniel "Dan" Kean is a student of Plumfield and one of Jo's Boys.


Life at PlumfieldEdit

Dan is first introduced as a neglected fourteen-year-old orphan/stray. He is brought to Professor Friedrich and Josephine Bhaer's school, Plumfield, by Nathaniel Blake. At first, he proves to be a rough, ill-mannered boy, who doesn't seem to trust or care about anyone, aside from Baby Teddy. After breaking nearly all the rules of the school, he is sent away, maybe to the pound or a farm to kill him, although later he finds his way back to Plumfield, where the Bhaers take him in again, helping him become a kind and responsible person.

Trouble YearsEdit

Dan ends up committing the one sin he and Jo always feared he would, though it was in defence of both himself and a younger boy, Blair. Dan kills a man who cheats Blair in gambling. He is sentenced to a year in prison with hard labour and only just gets through.

Return to PlumfieldEdit

Following his release from prison, Dan saves mine workers from drowning and is brought back to Plumfield a hero. He is wracked with guilt and confides in Mother Bhaer about his sin and the punishment that followed. She also discovers his fancy for Bess, though is not entirely surprised. Dan tells her that Bess seemed like the bright northern star which guided him during the dark times. However, knowing that Amy wouldn't approve of the potential match, Jo makes sure that the Laurence's are away when Dan leaves again.


Dan perished while protecting Native Americans, but lies in peace, with a locket containing a lock of Bess' hair around his neck.


As a child, Dan is often moody and distrustful, exhibiting rudeness and a tendency to violence; this earns him the nickname of 'black sheep'. However, under the influence of the Bhaers, his sensitivity for beauty and passion for justice start to shine through and he proves to be one of the best of Jo Bhaer's "flock".

Physical AppearanceEdit

Dan is handsome, dark-haired and wild-looking.


  • Daniel is a male given name of Hebrew origin, meaning 'God is my judge'.