John Brooke

Birth and Death


Also Known As

  • Demi
  • Demi-John

Hair Color : blond

Eyes : brown



Family Members

Parents and Siblings


Aunts and Uncles

Great Aunts and Uncles

  • Aunt March (great aunt)
  • Uncle March (great uncle)


Romantic Interest


  • the Brooke Family
John "Demi" Brooke is the son of Meg and John Brooke and the brother of Daisy and Josie. He is one of Jo's Boys.


Early LifeEdit

Demi Brooke was the firstborn son of John and Margret Brooke. He had a twin sister, Daisy. Demi was said to be very intelligent as a young child, walking and talking at an early age. It is known that Demi was quite philosophical, and that at the age of one he asked, "Is my brain in my tummy?" His grandfather replied, "No sweetie, it's in your head." .

Life at PlumfieldEdit

Demi is a boy who reads too much, and is compaired to his classmate Stuffy, who eats too much by Mr. Bhaer, who said that Demi's hunger for knowledge was too vast. Demi joins Nat, Dan, and all the other children in their adventures. 


Demi is scholarly and sensible, preferring to read a book than play sports with his peers. He seeks out the company of quiet, gentle people, such as his twin sister, Daisy, and his Grandpa March.

Physical AppearanceEdit


  • John is a male given name of Hebrew origin and means 'graced by YHWH'.
  • As a baby, he is given the nickname 'Demi-John' so as to differentiate between him and his father, another John. Very early on, this is shortened to Demi.
  • As a child, he is nicknamed "the deacon".
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