Elizabeth March
Claire Danes as Beth (1994)

Birth and Death

Late 1840s - Late 1860s

Also Known As

  • Beth
  • Bethy
  • Angel
  • my Beth (by Jo)
  • Betty (by Jo)

Hair Color

Light Brown





"Fatal Flaw"


Family Members

Parents and Siblings

Aunts and Uncles


Nieces and Nephews


the March family

Elizabeth " Beth" March était la troisième fille de Margaret et Robert March .


Early LifeEdit

The March family was very wealthy in the first few years of Beth's life, however not long before the novel starts, Robert March lost the furence (Laurie's grandfather) so generously gave her.

As her sisters grew up they began to leave home, but Beth had no desire to leave her house or family.


Later in the book, she developed scarlet fever, which is caused by a bacterial infection, resulting in a rash, loss of skin, weakening of the immune system, and weakening of the heart. She survived the initial illness, but eventually the after-effects took their toll and toward the end of the book, Beth fell ill again. Her family filled her room with all the things she loved best: her kittens, piano, father's books, Amy's sketches, and her beloved dolls. She was never idle; she knitted and sewed things for the children that passed under her window on the way to and from school. But eventually even that became too much for her, and she put down her sewing needle, saying that it had grown 'so heavy'. Beth died in Marmee's arms. Beth's dying had a strong impact on her sisters, especially Jo, who resolved to live her life with more consideration and care for others. She was also twenty-three years old.


Beth was kind, gentle, sweet, shy and quiet. Her purity was often a supportive characteristic that kept the family strong in times of hardship.

She loved to play the piano, and enjoyed the company of her kittens. Out of all the girls, Beth had by far the least amount of flaws. She did not brag, or want very much, and was always there for the neighbors to lend a much-needed hand.

Physical AppearanceEdit

At the age of thirteen, Beth was a rosy, smooth-haired, bright-eyed girl with a peaceful expression that seldom changed.

She later matured into a pale and slender young woman, with large eyes that had a shadow of pain in them. Beth was said to be beautiful in her own way.


  • Elizabeth is a female given name of Hebrew origin and means 'my God is abundance' or 'my God is an oath'.
  • Beth's niece, Elizabeth "Bess" Laurence was named after her. They are alike in personality, both having a strong creative skill and a gentle, giving manner.