John Brooke was Meg March's husband and the father of Daisy, Demi and Josie.


He was first introduced as a young, learned tutor who taught the mischievous Theodore Laurence, next door to the Marches. When Mrs. March went to Washington to visit sick Mr. March, John accompanied her and stayed there while she returned home to take care of Beth. John fell in love with the eldest March girl, Meg and married her after the war- after much “begging” and convincing he’d be a good husband to her. The couple moved into a little house, where their three children were born: the twins' Daisy and Demi and later Josie. He died in the book Little Men. He was mentioned once in Jo’s boys.


John was a quiet, honest and sensible man with a kind heart. He loved his job, but after Laurie went to college he had to quit teaching. Later, when Mr Laurence proposed to help him find an employment, he refused, because he preferred to get off by himself. He was a simple person, and didn’t mind the lack of luxury in his life. As a father, he was very strict with his son Demi, while Meg was more accommodating.

Physical AppearanceEdit

John was handsome and serious-looking, known for having deep brown eyes


  • John is a male given name of Hebrew origin and means 'graced by YHWH'.


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