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Josephine Brooke

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Josephine "Josie" Brooke is the youngest daughter of Meg and John Brooke. She is sister to Daisy and Demi Brooke.


From a young age, Josie dreams of becoming an actress, much to her mother's despair.

On holiday with Aunty Amy, Uncle Laurie and her cousin Bess, Meg's youngest daughter, Josie is desperate to be introduced to one of her idols Miss Cameron who is a famous actress. After a delightful encounter Josie is invited by Miss Cameron to give an honest opinion on her talent as an actress. After much discussion Miss Cameron's advice is for Josie to study hard, not to neglect her education and only then will she be ready to follow her dreams and begin her training at a more appropriate age of eighteen or twenty.

"I only want to find out if I have talent enough to go on, and after years of study to be able to act well in any good plays people never tire of seeing. I don't expect to be a Mrs Siddons or a Miss Cameron, much as I long to be; but it does seem as if I had something in me which can't come out in any way but this. When I act I am perfectly happy. I seem to live, to be in my own world, and each new part is a new friend... "

Josie is much like her aunt Jo not just in name but in spirits. She is just as theatrical and just as wild and lively as Jo used to be as a young girl, and Jo can be seen teasing with sister Meg that Josie ought to have been her child and Rob hers.


Josie is a light-hearted, bubbly girl. She is also rather stubborn and is determined to get or achieve something once she has set her mind to it.

Physical Appearance

Josie is slim, with long limbs. She is a beautiful girl.


  • Josephine is a female given name of Hebrew origins and means 'the Lord increases'.
  • Josie was named after her eldest aunt, Josephine "Jo" March.