Nathaniel "Nat" Blake is a quiet musician and one of Jo's Boys.


Life at PlumfieldEdit

At twelve years of age, Nat was discovered in a cellar by Mr. Laurence and brought to Plumfield. He had been living as a street musician. Although he has a habit of lying and, at first, was far behind the others in school, he is thoughtful, caring, and talented with a fiddle, quickly becoming one of the "favorites".

Life in GermanyEdit

After leaving Plumfield, Nat goes to Germany, Professor Friedrich's birthplace, to become a violinist. He has problems with money and is almost penniless at one point. Meanwhile, he struggles with the fact that his love for Daisy Brooke is opposed by the latter's mother, Meg.

Return to PlumfieldEdit


Nat is shy and indecisive, which causes some people to view him as not having a strong backbone. But that is not really true. Nat proves himself many times.